I am Ramvir Singh, a farmer who has recently started organic farming. I live and own land in Garni Bazidpur village of Sohna, Haryana. I got associated with Pranab Mukherjee Foundation one and half years ago. The Foundation supported me by giving me bajra seeds, decomposer, NPK, Sagarika granules and Sagarika liquid along with agricultural and technical inputs which has resulted in improved soil health. Today I cultivate on 2 acres of land and am no longer dependent on harmful chemical fertilizers for a good crop yield. My crops today are chemical free and hence more healthy and beneficial for everyone. I am happy to adopt thee organic farming technique. I consume the crops I grow as well as sell it in the market. My fields are smiling with healthy yield and my family with healthy food. For me organic farming has proven to be an elixir of farming.